In this picture, How I will select/click on the “Total/Drill down data”??

My Problem is whenever I am going to select it , always select on “Total” button.
How will I resolve it??

Indicate element,click on dropdown manually,enter F2/F4 for delay and then select required element using Uipath cursor

Where can I find uipath cursor and how am i be able to use this cursor when I hovering??? Please help me.

From the UiPath Studio click on Ui Explorer

Click on Indicate Element


Press F2 Use the cursor to hover over Total, wait for indicate element to reappear. Then select Total/Drill down data. Build a good selector and then use this selector in your click activity.

@kunalhore2891 , I have followed the exact same procedure. But after pressing F2, dropdown comes and I also select that. But when the delay is over, it automatically indicate the Total part.
What will I do??

If you could explain your problem a little bit clearly or if you can share a screenshot of your selectors. I might understand a bit more clearly.

For now, press F2 and hover over Total. When the drop down comes don’t click on it immediately. Wait for the indicate element to re appear. after it re appears, see if you can highlight on the drop down value. Once you are able to highlight it, then click on it.

See if you can get a selector for the drop down.

User Hover activity with wait for ready complete

I am sending a small video. Please see it. Hope you found my problem
2021-06-28 (8.0 MB)

Method 1

After hovering, drag a send hot key activity and try sending a down arrow or page down or enter see if it works.

Method 2

Give this a try. Drag a Find Children activity.
Set the selector of Total to the Find Children activity
Set the scope to FindScope.FIND_DESCENDANTS
Create a variable of the below type and set it to the Output field of the Find Children activity

Next loop the variable Child as shown in the picture using a For Each activity.
Do the below settings in the For each activity


Inside the loop, drag a if activity, set the condition as:
item.GetFriendlyName.Contains(“Total/Drill down date”)
In the true section
Drag a click activity, set the element to item and try simulate click

CenturyPlyFlowchart.xaml (53.5 KB)
In this xaml file , please see “ExecuteSequence” part. I have done all the steps as you mentioned. But there is some problem . I think maybe there is some selector issue. Can you help me with this??