Can not click on certain element in Drop down Tried everything pls help!


I can not make Uipath to click on certain element (from drop down menu) in PDF Xchange editor

I tried:

  • double click using F2
  • image click
  • through Basic recording element - mouse- click relative
  • hotkeys doesn’t work

All i need is to click on Red custom feature

I there a way to solve this problem please help

Hi, you can use the “Select Item” activity! Just highlight the element, and you will be given all the options in the drop down, and you can select the correct one! This will surely work for you!


As @KM1996 said try to use with Select Item,

If not, you can try to do Click option, scrape the selector of the item

Hope this helps


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it did not work image

i even tried after that “Take informative screen”
which did not help either or may be i should try write in quotes something different rather than “Red” (cause i think Uipath is not able to recognise that “Red” is written on an element i want to click)

can you help with selector cause it seems like there is not much to choose from

@Vaka4life Assuming you want to Click on the “Red” option, Can you click on Highlight and check if it Highlights the right element that you want to click ?

it does not highlight right element it highlights whole menu

when i try to Indicat Element from Ui Explorer it gives this error image

@Vaka4life Have you tried using different frameworks ? Also In the Screenshot that you have provided you can see the Visual Tree Panel there are many items, Try selecting each Element in it and try to find the Element using that.

Hi what kind of frameworks?
i tried items from Tree panel but it did not help
Is there any other way?

@Vaka4life You can See the “UI Frameworks” Option Next to Highlight. You can use it to change the Framework to be used currently.

thank you i tried but it shows UIElement is no longer valid

Thank you guys for responses. I finaly found the solution I used Computer vision activities they use AI that is why it is possible to find almost any element)

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