I am sharing a video. My Problem is whenever I am going to select it , always select on “Total” button. How I will select/click on the “Total/Drill down data”??
2021-06-28 07-26-17.zip (8.0 MB)

I am trying with hover activity and using F2 to give a delay, after that I select “Total/Drill down data”. But when the delay ends, the dropdown item can’t be selected.

Hi @nirmalya.sarkar

Maybe try this

  1. click indicate on screen on any activity.

  2. Press F2.

  3. Expand the drop-down and put yout mouse on any item inside the drop-down.

  4. Once timer ends the mouse is on the drop-down value just click it and see the selector.


@prasath_S, How can I expand the dropdown???

@nirmalya.sarkar when you click it will expand?