Problem in getting data from orchetrator queue in REFramework

I am practicing RE framework project for Insurance process . So I am using dispatcher and performer. In dispatcher getting data from excel and adding it to queue. I have few items in queue in orchestrator and in Performer i am trying to get that items to be process in insurance application. GetTransactionItem is giving Null output though I have given Proper Queue name in config. Please help me with the issue.

Check & double check that you have the queue named properly. By default, this queue name is coming from the excel config file and the asset is named “OrchestratorQueueName”. Also double check that there are in fact transactions within the queue & that you are connected to the correct orchestrator

If you haven’t changed the reframework at all and you double checked all of the above, then it should be working. If you’ve made any changes to the reframework, then start completely new again from the template. I would not recommend changing the reframework unless you understand exactly how all the pieces fit & work together

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Thank you

Hi, what was the cause of that issue…

Jayakumar S