Both Dispatcher and performer should be in single REframework

How to create Dispatcher and performer in Re frame work

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Hi @Pujari_Manjunatha

  1. Dispatcher:
  • Create a new project using the ReFramework template in UiPath Studio.
  • In the Init state, retrieve or generate the input data that needs to be processed.
  • Use the Add Queue Item/Bulk Add Queue Item activity to add each item to the queue. You can configure the data to be added to the queue based on your specific requirements.
  • Transition to the Get Transaction Data state, where the next transaction item will be retrieved from the queue.
  1. Performer:
  • Inside the Process state, perform the necessary actions on each transaction item. This can include data manipulation, system interactions, and error handling.
  • Transition to the End Process state once all transaction items have been processed.

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First I need check whether a queue has data or not…if it doesn’t have data then I need to add.

  1. Add Get Queue Items activity (name: “Get Queue Items”) and configure it.
  2. Create a variable of type QueueItem (name: “queueItems”).
  3. Set the Output > Result property of Get Queue Items activity to “queueItems”.
  4. Add an If activity and set the condition to “queueItems.Count > 0”.
  5. Inside the “Then” section of the If activity, include your logic for processing the queue items when the queue has data.
  6. Inside the “Else” section of the If activity, use the Add Queue Item activity to add new items to the queue.

REFramework isn’t suited for being used as a dispatcher. A dispatcher isn’t an item-by-item thing, it reads a file and dumps it into a queue.

Hi @Pujari_Manjunatha

In RE Frameworks there are four states. You can write the dispatcher code in Initialization state.
In Initialization state there is first run sequence in that sequence you can write the code for sending data in to the Queues.
No problem is occurred on this because for every transaction the loop will flow from Get Transaction data state and process transaction state only. If there is any system exception then it will go to Initialization state, but the bot doesn’t enters in to the first run.
Then you can write the code in First run sequence in Initialization state. I have attached an Image of Initialization state below check that for better understanding.

Hope it helps!!

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