Level 3 assignment 2 performer - dont understand

Hi guys

Im currently doing the Yearly Report assignment and im done with my Dispatcher.
So im gonna begin on my Performer process now but i have a question regarding those 2 processes.

  1. Should i use the SAME Reframework template for BOTH process?
  • If yes --> then i dont know how to change the variable type ‘TransactionItem’ to a queueItem without messing the whole process up. (TransactionItem is a STRING in the Dispatcher)
  1. Should i duplicate the Reframework and start there with my Performer?
  • If yes --> how am i gonna make sure that the 2 processes i created with 2 different Reframework templates will cooperate?

Thank you in advance.

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  1. Should i use the SAME Reframework template for BOTH process?

use new Reframework template ( for Performer)

Hope get Transaction item output variable will be of data type QueueItem

  1. You should use RE Framework for both separate Project.
  2. If you duplicate it will be an overburden for you to remove references and other stuff of previous one so go with the new one only

So basically (in the Dispatcher) i have to change the out_transactionItem to a queueItem when the in_transactionItem is a String type?

Can you please throw some more light on how your dispatcher will work? are you using Orchestrator? if yes, your transactions will be added to queue items if you try to get those transaction items then output data type will be queueitem.

Sorry i didn’t mean to duplicate the Dispatcher but using un-modified Reframework template and start from scratch again

Yes, you need to start from new ReFrame work template .

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Yes im using orchestrator and my in_transactionItem is of a string type (like it said in the walkthrough). It is being added to my orchestrator (tested and retrieved my queue item as a string).

But i did not manage to use the Set Transaction workflow as i did not know how to “convert” a string type (in_transactionItem) to a queueType in that specific workflow so i basically just disabled that workflow (i saw a similar post in the forum and the person suggested to disable it).

Ohkay yes this would be helpful for you

what was your out_TransactionItem data type?

String type.

Right now i changed it to a queueItem to give you an understanding of why i changed it to a string instead:

I get many errors regarding the type of the variables (in_transactionItem and out_TransactionItem) because one of them is a string and the other is a queueItem

I just followed the instructions but if i did something wrong please correct me.

Here there are two different work flows one is dispatcher and the second is performer.
in dispatcher in_transactionitem or out_transactionitem will be string. when we upload to queue items data type will be changed to queueitem and stored in queues. when we use GetTransaction Item activity in performer output will be queueItem data type. you are getting confused between dispatcher and performer. hope this will help you. create as two processes dispatcher and performer.


Screenshot you have attached is fr Dispatcher. For performer process it should be -

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Thank you alot for the clarification :slight_smile: The assignments is just a bit confusing.

Yes thats true but the intention with posting that screenshot was to show that i followed the instruction 100% with the Dispatcher and the part with the transactionItem being a string.
The performer wants the type to be a queueItem instead so i was just confused.

But thanks everyone for helping me out.