Problem in finding element from PDF in UI PATH

I am not able to find particular element from PDF for example DATE. I used "Anchor base " activity and in “Find Element” if i try to select DATE , the whole page is getting selected. Kindly help me.

Hi @shruthi_arali,

Try using read PDF activity and write regex for the output received to fetch date.


Hi @shruthi_arali

Use screen scrapping it will help you to get that particular element.

I used screen scrapping, still if i click on Date element whole page is selected.

Hi @shruthi_arali,

Can you provide sample pdf file if possible…


Perfect Match1.pdf (94.3 KB)
This is the pdf file … PFA @Gouda_6

don’t click on date element just drag and select.


Enable PDF Accessibility mode. this step you have to do in the ur pdf document ( go to edit-
Accessibility- change reading option - choose use reading in raw)
(Make sure don’t forget to enable Pdf Accessibility mode it’s a most important step without this
you can not able select proper word.)


Hi @shruthi_arali,

We can’t find selector for this pdf it’s taking entire screen so you can try with regex below is the Xaml file attached please do check once and us know, (101.4 KB)


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Thank u so much … this helped me a lot… it is working now… :slight_smile: @anil3

@Gouda_6… This helped me to resolve … Thank u so much :slight_smile:

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