I have a problem with getting an element from a pdf file

when I try to get the element from the pdf file with the get text activity, it does not allow me to select the element I want, it selects several elements of the pdf.


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Is it image or what ? If possible could you please share that pdf file with me. Will check and update you.


Please send me downloaded PDF file.

im a new user, i cant upload the file here, when i try the output message it`s: Sorry, new users can not upload attachments.

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To get the right value or a right text which is been selected as element use, anchor base activity
this will make sure that you will be getting only the element corresponding to the the anchor that you have chosen. and it wont go for other elements
for more info on anchor base element kindly have a view on this. and follow the procedures buddy

It will work for sure
Cheers @Renenobal


This pdf looks like a native pdf buddy @Renenobal
So we can handle this two methods
–one we can use scrape relative activity, where we can get the text we want by selecting a region, scraping a region relative to a element…and this would for sure if we are trying to get a specific term or specific value and for more info kindly have a view on this

or we need to use Read pdf text activity and get the output as string

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Yes i checked the file and UIPath is not able to identify any elemets in that PDF.

use Read PDF text activity and will give you output as ‘string’. And then use String manipulation functions or Regular expressions to fecth required details from the file.

thank you, now, what String manipulation functions do you recommend?


we can use scrape relative activity buddy
@Renenobal, inorder to get a specific term.

if we are trying to get the whole pdf as a text then we can use read pdf text activity and make the string manipulation to get the term we want…but i hope that takes long process to segregate the term we want with string manipulation…and that would work as well…
Cheers @Renenobal


You can use below string functions.

  1. Substring
  2. IndexOf
  3. Split


You can find same functions in other languages also and there is nothing new in this.

I am going to put to work, I am very grateful for your help, I will be commenting on how I am doing. thank you