Unable to extract specific elements from PDF

Hi all,

I am unable to extract specific element from pdf using adobe reader for opening it.

Can any one help here. Posting this second this.

attaching the xaml file and pdf.

pdf_extract_issue.xaml (16.7 KB)

Session_10_exercise_1_NPO_1_perfect_match.pdf (95.7 KB)

Hi @Abhinavpandey,
Sorry I couldn’t open the xaml file.
May I know what data you are trying to fetch from the pdf?

Customer ID or Amount @Deepak94

tried anchor base but not working

Have you tried get text with OCR ?
You can press F3 while indicating the data.



tried that as well

all method
get text
get full text
get ocr text

not working

please see if i am doing this wrong

pdf_extract_issue.xaml (18.0 KB)

I think this issue is due to find image which is being time out.
Could you please try get text with OCR without anchor base?


I think the issue is with actin activity not with anchor.
Because i used find image and find element activity to find customer id text and used highlight then i am able to see that…

but i tried with what you suggested having find element as anchor then searching the element
still not working

pdf_extract_issue.xaml (7.9 KB)

Hope this will work for you.

Thanks for this.

But it is not working

I tested it with pdf you provide and it was working…
I will check it again.


Hi Abinavpandey,

Please find the xaml file attached for extracting your Invoice number from PDF
Main.xaml (6.4 KB)

Thanks @ManojGL.

It is working fine.

Understood and working fine for all the required field like customer id, invoice number.

Can you explain this regex pattern.

Sorry i m new to this topic


Hi @Abhinavpandey

Its is nothing but called Positive Look behind pattern and we have Negative Look behind as well (?<!)

These are the ways in which we can extract the exact values from the notepad.
Just go to regex101.com and play around with texts you will come to know alot about these patterns

Can you mark the solution so that it will be helpful in future

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