Problem in connecting Salesforce activity with UiPath

When I use Salesforce activity I am unable to connect:
Error: Invalid connection (Invalid grant & authentication failure)

Hello preeharris,
I have same issue,
I don’t know if you had a solution?

Thank you very much

Are you still facing that problem?

Hello All,
The most known issue for this problem is changing the password without Changing the Secret Token. Every time you change the password you need to update the token again and get the email, and please follow all the steps from this video:

If you don’t use a security token please be sure that you have your IP on the Trusted List like in this movie:

Cristian Negulescu

What is UiPath’s grant_type for the Salesforce Application Scope activity that’s resulting in invalid_grant error? When I do a cURL with grant_type=password, I connect just fine with my company’s salesforce org: