Valid users to connect to salesforce

Hello to all

I’m working for some time with one user in salesforce thro studio package.
I found out that 2 processes cant work on the same user and one ends the session in the middle of the run.
so I created a new API user in salseforce - not UI

  1. I reset the user security token
  2. use the same consumerKey&Secret as old user
  3. API user cred
  4. Live server

but I get an authentication error while trying to configure salesforce application scope activity.
ant thought why?
maybe an API user cant work with UiPath?

thanks in advanced.


Can you check the exception details from locals panel when you get the error while running in debug mode…it would show more details generally on what exactly the failure is



Can you validate the same with Postman and try with the same details and check?


Salesforce Application Scope: Error Type: invalid_grant, Error: authentication failure

this is the error I get

i can log on to SF with this user and get this message


As per error the grant type you are using is wrong…

What is the grant type you are using?



not sure i got your point
this is what I use


Just to confirm can you try giving the server details as well please


live server
did I answer your question?


The live server also can be configured in the custom and give the server details there


solution is that you need to config UiPath in SF app manager to let USER API to acsess the app

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