Could not find the UI element corresponding to the selector

Captură de ecran 2022-06-30 083950

Hello! Welcome to community!

Could you please open it in UiExplorer and show us the snap!

This error because of Selector issue…

Make the selector dynamic by using wild cards…


Hello @Vero_Cirpean

Did you validated the selector ? If there are any dynamci values in your seectr please replace with “*”. or remove it in uiexplorer and validate the selector.

As per the error the selector which you have used is not existing in the screen, so there maybe some dynamic elements.

If you are using modern design , in the click activity you can tag to an anchor which is more stable…

Hi Vero_Cirpean

This Error Comes when the Targeted element is either not in screen i.e. the page is not opened or simply because the selector are not dynamic. Please share more details as it is not clear that what actually is the issue

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