Print HTML as PDF


My end goal is to create a PDF report packet that has both paragraphs and dynamically sized tables.

I am looking to stay away from Excel because some cells will need to be merged for formatting purposes and there are no activities built into UiPath for this, and we can’t do it as part of a template because we will not know which cells need to be merged because of the dynamically sized tables.

I thought of maybe creating it in HTML format because it will be much easier to create it in a report packet style format. But I’m not sure how to go about converting the end product to PDF - if possible, I would like to stay away from opening it up and printing via UI.

Any suggestions on how I can solve my problem are welcome!! Thanks.

Hi @CYoung,
I think that printing html to pdf is the fastest way for conversion. Windows has it’s own pdf printer already so it’s just a few clicks to perform.

Just FYI @CYoung The Excel extension activities allow merging of cells. If you’re able to tell from the data which cells need to be merged then it can be done.


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