Can any please suggest me on converting PDF to HTMl

Hi Everyone,

I am new to UI Path and trying to convert my folder which is having PDF files to HTML files. And I don’t have a pro PDF Version so I am planning to use online converter but I was finding best way to do the same

Can anyone please let me know the best way to start the process.?

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May I know manual process which is carried out to do this file conversion so that we can repeat the same with UiPath activities
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Hi Palaniyappan,

Thank you for the reply,
Below are steps

  1. I have a folder with list of PDF Files having same headers with more than 2 pages (Folder path is going to select by the end user)
  2. We need to convert entire folder to html and store it in another folder( path: which is also going to select by the end user )

Thanks in advance. Looking for the best solution



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  • Open the pdf file using start process
  • use F12 hot key
  • select item which format do you want to save
  • type the file name with extn like .htm or .pdf or whatever you want and hit enter

Cheers @Yamuna