Convert HTML files in folder to PDF file


I have a folder full of HTML files (each largely text inside tables). I would like to convert them all to separate PDF files.

Is there a easy way to do this?

Hi @JamesC ,

There are a few ways that come into my mind to accomplish this:

  • Open the html on a browser and print to pdf
  • Adobe PDF integration offers a pdf generation service (requires subscription)
  • Explore using a 3rd party library (doctic, xceed,…)
  • Microsoft 365 integration offers an Export file as PDF activity (requires O365)

hope this helps.

Hi @JamesC

Thanks Sangeetha - So seems best way is a looping “open HTML in chrome” same to PDF?

Yes, @JamesC. If we do it manually by changing the extension, the pdf file gets corrupted and could not open the file in pdf.

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