PDF to excel

How do I transfer data from pdf to excel using uipath?

There are many ways. You can use the activities ‘Read PDF Text’, ‘Read PDF with OCR’ to read your PDF. If you are trying to read a table from PDF and write it into excel, you can use screen scraping which extracts the table as a datatable and then you can write it into excel using Excel Activities which accepts the datatable as the input.

Thank you for your help.

However, the data that I want to place in the excel sheet is supposed to be in a different format from the data in the pdf. I know that we can build the data table but it has to be done manually – which is against the purpose of automating the machine as this process is to be used on hundreds of pdfs with different data but with the same format on excel.

How do I do it?

Thank you

Do ur PDFs contain tables which you want to format and place in the excel sheet?

Yes, they do!

As far as i know, the only way to fetch tabular data in PDF to retain the structure of table is through scraping. You can fetch the table using scraping and from the resulting data table, you can fetch whichever column/row that you need, format it and write into excel. You may have to perform the same operation on multiple PDFs with the same format, but you will have to write the workflow for formatting the table which can be executed for all the PDFs by passing the PDF path dynamically.

Please check if the below post is useful to you.

Thank you so much for the quick reply! I read the post and realized that I am facing the same issue as you in that the pdf contents may change depending on the situation so scraping will not be feasible.

Thank you though, really appreciate it!