Print Editable Pdf

I have some pdf files in each folder. Those pdf contains editable word. How we can print those files using uipath.

Rakesh R M

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What do you mean by print? could you please explain a bit more?

If you wants to extract the data from pdf.

Install the UiPath.PDF.Activities.

Take one read pdf activity and provide the file path create a output variable this will give you the String out.

You can use string manipulation to get the desired output


In pdf files there are some editable text. I need to print pdf files as a pdf. So that those text will be non editable.

How can i do this using uipath

Hi @rak95561 ,

Could you check the workflow Below : (84.6 KB)

You would need to install the following packages, if you get any dependency errors :

There is an Example PDF Form, which after execution makes the PDF values un-editable. It is flattening of the text in PDF.

Let us know if this works out for you. If it doesn’t, it would mean, you might have a different type of PDF file, we would need to check further on that type.

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