Text Extraction for PDF File


I know Uipath allows for pdf text extraction using OCR.

  1. Does it work on all pdf files?
  2. OCR may not be reliable. Are there other ways to do it in Uipath?

Thank you!

Hi, you can go to Manage Packages, search for the package called “UiPath.PDF.Activities”, and install it. Once you install, you will find an activity called “Read PDF Text”. This activity does not use OCR, and it can read the text and store it in a string. There are also other activities to use OCR to read the PDF included in the same package. Hope this works! Please mark it as a solution if it does! Thanks!

Hi KM1996,

Can “read pdf” work on all types of pdf files? I read somewhere that Uipath can’t extract text from some types of pdf file?

Thank you

As far as I am aware, if you want to read the full text in a PDF, this activity should work fine! If you want to read specific text in a PDF file, there are other activities available.

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