How to replace text in pdf file using uipath

I need to replace some text in pdf file. Please help me, how to achieve this.

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If we are able to edit the pdf then
—use a START PROCESS activity and pass with filepath of pdf as input to the property ProcessName

—this will open the application with pdf file we want in foreground

—then use GET ACTIVE WINDOW activity and inside that use a SEND HOT KEY activity with key as ctrl+f

—now use a TYPE INTO activity where pass the input word we want to find
—then a SEND HOT KEY activity with key as enter

—now use a TYPE INTO activity with we want to replace


If we don’t have the option the modify in pdf
Then install UiPath.Word package from Official tab of Manage Packages from Design tab
And also another package UiPath.Pdf from the same official tab

—once after installing these two packages use Read pdf Or READ pdf with OCR activities
And pass the filepath of pdf as input and get the string as output
—now use WORD APPLICATION SCOPE and create a new word document
And use APPEND TEXT activity where pass the above string variable obtained as input

—Then use EXPORT to PDF activity

Cheers @Mahashankari

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The PDF also contains some images. When I converting the pdf to word document the image was gone.