Preperation of certification quiz

Hi, I have completed my course and I want to attempt the quiz. What are the topics mainly covered on Quiz? If I revise all the quizzes in foundation training and orchestrator Quiz can I pass the Certification quiz?

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Foundation, Orchestrator and RE-Framework. All three are important.
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Yes most of the questions based on Orchestrator and REFramework.

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Hi @taksilsahil,

The below courses have the same priority to score good points in quiz. These are mandatory to attempt certification quiz.

  1. Foundation course.
  2. Orchestrator.
  3. ReFramework.
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Buddy @taksilsahil
By the way hearty congratulations for completing all the three levels … @taksilsahil…viola…

So now you are going to take …RPA DEVELOPER CERTIFICATION…that too initially with theory of 45 questions in 1 hour 30 mins…
Kindly make a note on these check points before getting to the exam…buddy

  1. Yes…firstly as you said…it is important to learn all the quizes in all the the three levels… say for example in level1 and lesson 1…if you are attending a quiz and you got cleared 100% …dont get out of it immediately buddy…you have an option to take the test again though you have cleared…take it again…the reason is sometimes few questions may come newly that could add on knowledge to know on that topic…try again and again until you feel that you have faced all the questions…do this for all the lessons in all the levels…buddy…i know it takes time…but mark my words… you will feel confident while you attend the theory part in certification…
  2. The above one is get you more confidence, but still we need to be with enough stuff before getting to the theory exam… yes we need to cove some advanced concepts before that,like Orchestrator and REFramework…study their concepts, their usage, their flow, everything…you can get enough knowledge on this in level 2 and 3…but still concentrate more on it buddy…
    Because its RPA developer certification buddy…

Thats all now you are ready for the theory buddy…go…crack it and join the team…
Waiting for one more robot master…
All the best
Cheers… Buddy @taksilsahil

Thanks for your great and helpful words@KarthikByggari@lakshman@Kommijeevan@Palaniyappan


Cheers buddy @taksilsahil

Nice details advice. But i have taken level 1 in 2018 , level 2 q1 2019, level2 ,q4 and now in this month planning quiz and certification for advanced.
doing is easy than exam and remember all sorts of tricky questions .
but let me try with all the wishes from community. :slight_smile: