Certification RPA

Complete all 3 levels in Academy
and I want to take the certification exam, what should I do?

Welcome to community You have to learn all the 3 levels after that attempt the certification exam

@Beatriz_Eugenia_Duqu If you have Completed all the 3 Levels in Academy , Then You can take the Advanced UiPath Developer Certificate Exam through this Link


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Could you tell me how is the dynamics of the exam?

@Beatriz_Eugenia_Duqu Well, If you want to know what the Exam consists of then,

  1. Firstly, You’ll be asked to take a Quiz of 45 Questions, Out of Which you’ll need to have around 70 or 75 % of Pass marks.
    The Questions consists of all the kinds of Questions in 3 Levels in the Academy along with some extra tricky Questions. Some Questions will be of the Kind to Select the Output Value of the Sequence Shown. Also note that you will not be allowed to use any other Browser or Open your Studio or perform any other Activity during this Quiz.

  2. After you passed the Quiz, You’re allowed to take the Practical Exam of 3 Hours, in which they will Provide you wiith a Use Case of what needs to be Done, depending on that you will need to create the Workflow. Considering all the Standardizations and Error Handling and Successfulness of the workflow, the Score will be Allotted to you. You need not take the Exam right after the Quiz.

For more Info you can login to the Website Provided and gain Information.

Happy Learning. :smile: