Publishing report to other machine's assistant

Hi! I have used to create and publish robots only for my own use. Now I have created robot for my colleague and she need to use it from her own computer. Can I some how publish the robot from my computer so that she can use it?

Thank you in advance!

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Yep @Jenny1, You can do that.

Providing UiPath robots should be installed in both machines and connected to same orchestrator Tenant.

So it’s like you both work in the same team.

Whatever you published can be accessed and ran by your colleague.

Thanks :slight_smile:

Thank you @Nithinkrishna! So the issue is that I have created automations on Studio and published those to robot. But I have not connect it to orchestrator. I have account to could orchestrator, but can’t find the machine key to connect. It seems that I definitely need some training for this section. Unfortunately I have quite urgent case on my hands right now. Could you help, where to find the machine key for connection?

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Hey @Jenny1,

That’s cool you are moving a step forward.

Let me show you the steps,

Go to the orchestrator services portal → choose your tenant ->Machines → Click copy icon against your machine

If you are still not added the machine to orchestrator,

Feel free to post for any other queries.

Thanks :slight_smile:

Again, thank you for your help! Still not there, but hopefully near already. I can now see both machines under my Tenant.

If I publish something on from my studio, it’s not visible either my UiPath Robot nor the robot machines Uipath Robot. So I still do something incorrectly. Should I make some other selections when publishing the project?