Click on OK in Pop UP

Hi All,

I want to click the “OK” in pop up shown below. UiPath is unable to select just the pop up, hence I am using Attach Window activity (selecting Chrome window) and then Send Hotkey (“enter”) inside it. But this doesn’t work sometimes.

Is there any alternate and more reliable method?


Hi @tilarapiyush

Use Element Exits indicating the popup and If exists click ok on Popup window!



Can you try with Attach browser activity and check

Also you can follow @pravin_calvin suggestion also


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I am unable to select the pop up by any activity.

I am using attach activity but sometimes it doesn’t work. hence need another reliable solution.


Then you can use Click Image activity

Hope this will work


This also won’t work in unattended mode.

hello bro did you find the soulouthion bro