Pop up Message during process working

Message box is pop up while process going, but i can’t expect when it pop up.
How can I handle this situation? Popping up time is uncertain.


If the pop up is known and unexpected, use a parallel for each.
Using this a multi threaded execution occurs.
In the loop, add a retry scope which checks if the element (pop up element exists) and if it does, then perform the respective action to handle it.

So Parallel For Each, Element Exists are the key activities to handle unexpected popups.

Thanks, I have solved this problem by using Parallel and On Element Appear.

But i am still wondering how to set property of 「Parallel For each」 and 「Retry Scope」

  1. for each item in [XXX], Should I assign a list with specific length? But i am not sure how many time it would pop up.
  2. retry time=5 and interval=5 sec–> if condition not happen, i would check each 5 Sec for 5 times.
    That is for each item in {1,2,3}, I would only try 3 times * 5 times * 5 sect =75 sec.
    If condition happen at 76 sec, the process will be failed?

See, for each would contain a sequence of steps that you are performing (in a loop) during which at any point in time the pop up may appear.

Incase the sequence of steps is not iterative and it occurs just once, you can use a simple Try - Catch. Use the element exists in catch block and handle it there.
Other major steps you can mention in the Finally block.
If you have a set of items for which you are performing the actions specified in the for each loop, then go for the loop.

In the parallel for each, whenever there is a pop-up the retry will be called. The execution doesn’t happen based on the sequence of the activities in parallel for each.

In Retry Scope, you can try for 10 times or 5 times. Now this decision has to be made based on your observations after some trial runs or any historic data.

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Thanks, it really inspire me of the process design.

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