Automate data entry on pop up dialog box

Hi all, after selecting an option on a web page, a new screen is automatically opened but I cannot Type Into the new screen. When the process step to click a button on the new screen is triggered, the web page goes back to the original screen. I tried both using a new “Use Application/Browser” activity but it is not working. I also tried changing the Ui framework option to “active accessibility” and it still did not work. Any help would be much appreciated.

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Please share relevant screenshot and explanation.

Hi @Jovan_Anonuevo , Welcome to UiPath community.

So you have a webpage with a pop up and you are unable to typt into the pop up?
If that is correct may be you can try few things

  1. Make sure the selector specifies this new window
    2)Try using “Activate” activity which will enables you to activate the UI element
  2. use Attach window activity and put click and type into activity inside it before that indicate the screen of that pop window foe attach window activity.
  3. Try using UnblockInput property along with SimulateClick property

Hope that helps

Hi @Jovan_Anonuevo

Could you change some properties for second use application/browser activity that you are indicated the new screen.

Open the properties of use application/browser activity.
→ Close - Always
→ Open - If not open
→ Application Instance - Single window.

Inside this use application/browser Activity you can drop the other activities to work on the new screen.

Hope it helps!!

Hope it helps!!

Hi Mahesh, I appreciate the quick response. I tried the settings you show above, unfortunately, I am getting the same result. I’ve also tried the other options under Properties, but nothing seems to work. I’ve traced the issue to the first activity in the pop-up window which for some reason brings the bot back to the first window before pressing the UI Element.

Any other suggestions?

I have do some wrong in the Application instance @Jovan_Anonuevo

If your case is when you are clicking on a element in the Main webpage it was redirecting to the another page and you want to do the automation things on that page right.

If yes, it was the process to do the automation in the project.
Use the Use application\browser activity and indicate the second webpage. change the properties as above for open and close. Change the window attach mode to Application instance

For the first use application\browser activity which indicated on main page make the window attach mode to Single window.


Try this one it definitely works, If you are getting the same, Let me know.

Hope you understand!!

Hi Athira, i am using StudioX and the above activities do not seem to be available as options

Hi Mahesh, I thank you for your solution. It turns out that your solution worked as expected. I also noticed that I did not have the correct target identified as there were multiple tabs with the same description:

After some trial and error, i managed to get this to work.

Thanks again for your support. This is the first time I’ve used this community and it is excellent.

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Thank you @Jovan_Anonuevo

I hope you are satisfied with the solution. Make mark it as solution which help to other forum members.

Happy Automation!!

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