Plotting Image using data from excel sheet!

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I am trying to plot image in MS Paint. I am proving x & y coordinates and RGB information from an excel sheet. Below is the screenshot for reference.
I need to give condition that if Red<50 And Green<50 And Blue<50 then it should plot in the plot in the given XY coordinate.
I am taking Robot-Draw Skecth- StandAlone Workflow solution as reference. Kindly suggest the method to do it using excel sheet.

Please suggest how the worlflow can be corrected.
out.xlsx (13.2 KB) Pixel.xlsx (19.6 KB)
Import.xaml (22.4 KB)

@Anamika15 If that condition is to be achieved first, then i guess you can filter the datatable once you have read the Excel file and then pass the filtered Datatable to plot the X & Y points

Import.xaml (22.4 KB)
Pixel.xlsx (19.6 KB) out.xlsx (13.2 KB)

Please check if you could help with the correction in this workflow.

@Anamika15 Can you tell me What is the missing activity ? Some Activities wont be visible in my workflow cause it wont be installed :sweat_smile: , Can you show me your import workflow as a screenshot in here?Capture

Below is the missing activity:

@Anamika15 That’s the main part, I have never used Multiple Assign :sweat_smile: . But Normal assign Assigns from Right to left, but in your case i feel you’re trying to assign left to right

@Anamika15 Also What package have you installed to Get the Multiple Assign Activity?

  1. Assign and multiple assign work similarly. It’s just multiple assign is little more convenient to use when you have to assign multiple values.
  2. I did not installed any package to get multiple assign option. I m using 2019.7 community version. Its already there in my activity section.

@Anamika15 Is your problem solved now :sweat_smile:


@Anamika15 Did you interchange row(“X”) and C in Multiple Assign?

I am not able to understand what difference this will make in workflow?

@Anamika15 Do you want to Assign the value of C to row(“X”) or you want to assign the value of row(“X”) to C? :sweat_smile:

I want to assign the value of row(“X”) to C.

@Anamika15 Then you need to Interchange it

that helped… thanks :slight_smile:

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