Lesson 8 - Practice 1 and Practice 2

The downloaded solution/answer for Practice 1 does not match the Walkthrough for Practice 1. For example, in the Walkthrough there is a step to add an Assign:
Find and add an Assign activity and place it in the Then branch of the If activity
o Use the Ctrl + K (variable creation) shortcut to create a variable called rowIndex

         o       Assign count this expression: wordsDT.Rows.IndexOf(row) + 1

                  ▪        This evaluates to the index of the DataTable row - the + 1 at the end is to account for Excel sheets that start their index at 1 rather than 0

However this Assign is NOT in the solution .xaml file - and the original Excel file that is read at the very beginning is not the same one referenced in the Walkthrough either. Is there a different .xaml file that should be published?


@Teodor_Hoaghea one for you to review?

Hi All - Actually this was recently corrected – THANKS!!


Hi all! I have been working on Lesson 8 Practice 2 (myCRM exercise). I cant seem to use get OCR Text to scrape the state name and go down the drop down menu. The idea is to choose item from the dropdown once you click on first item of the drop down and use Get OCR Text to scrape the value (x) and then compare with your input variable (y); if same then hit "enter " else continue the loop and by hitting down key.

Attached is the file i have worked on. Would you please be able to take a look and let me know how I can improve it? Thanks a lot for your help and patience. Lesson 8 Practice 2 getOCR.xaml (26.8 KB)