Issue with code that was working - finding next line Excel

HI All

I have the attached as a block in my application - this previously worked in another robot.appendDataToNextEmptyCell.xaml (4.9 KB)

I get an error in the Save for later activity - "Cannot assign from system.Int32 to type “UIPath.Excel.ExcelValue” in assign activity save for later

I don’t see why this isn’t working as I have tested this in my previous robot and it works fine without errors

anyone have any ideas?

Is it still working in the other BOT?
When reusing your code you may not have assigned the data types the exact same way.

HI thanks for the reply, yes its still working, I have copied the code and altered the Sheet Name but I get the error

Hi iepyus (david),

The error is saying you are trying to assign a variable of type integer to an Excel cell that is expecting a different Variable type. If you review your Variable assignments in the Variables Tab (outlined in green below), you may be able to identify the problem, I do not think the problem is in the activity you linked in the post, I believe it is in an earlier activity assignment.


Thanks for the reply, Doesnt seem to be anything wrong with the preceding code, for some strange reason it just doesnt seem to want to work.

So I have encountered this on my client machine now - does anyone have any ide what could be causing this?