Excel Matching and color coding

I’m having some trouble with a excel project. I have attached a excel file with two sheets. I need the robot to find the matching numbers from sheet 2 to sheet 1. If the robot finds a matching number then that cell needs to be filled in with yellow in sheet two and if there is no match fill that cell with red.

If you get time could you attach a workflow with the attached excel sheet?

Suggestions are greatly appreciated

test file.xlsx (189.2 KB)


Read range sheet1 - Dt1
Read range sheet 2 - Dt2

For each row - Dt1
For each row2 - Dt2
If(Integer.parse(row(“Company Nymber”)) = Integer.parse(row2(“Number”)))
Set range color range - “A”+(Dt2.rows.indexof(row2)+1)
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could you attach a workflow?
What about turning the cell color red if there is no match?

test4.xaml (9.1 KB)

I have attached my workflow i have a few errors. If you get time could you take a look?

I have also attached my work flow If anybody has any suggestions or can make this work that would be great.

test4.xaml (9.1 KB)


In else section.
Set range color range - “A”+(Dt2.rows.indexof(row2)+1)
With color option red

Can you show me errors.

Im still trying to make it work I have sequences all over the place. lol
Can you look at the work flow?

test4.xaml (9.1 KB) test file.xlsx (189.2 KB)