Robot-Draw Skecth- StandAlone Workflow


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Nowadays I see everyone drawing pictures using every RPA tool a lot. I believe (not sure) Intellibot started this trend and everyone following it. Intellibot has done it to show case the tool capability.

The funny question is “Do we draw pictures in any back office processes” ?

Note: No offence guys. I know everyone is following it to showcase their talent.

at the same time can see many are interested how it is going :slight_smile:

There are many logics to achieve the goal.

I am just for learning purpose for others , uploading a Workflow.xaml script which does not need any dependency To run :slight_smile:

The main thing is Here I am parsing pixel from an Image by using BITMAP.GetPixel
Pixels parsing and DrawPicture totally depdens on the parsed pixel accuracy :slight_smile:

So There it will be not applicable for all images. Mostly found it works good with Black dominated pixels very well.

So here it is - Robot-Sketch (135.7 KB)

Just see the logic and take it as a skeleton and try your other possible logic for fun with learning :slight_smile:

Sample Output -


Uipath cogntive Abilities

@aksh1yadav: This is moving to next level, of building Artistic robots! :sunglasses: Kudos to the great effort.
Thanks for sharing with everyone.


Hi Aksh,
great work. Thanks for sharing with everyone.
Is there any possibilities that we can draw a color image in ms-paint using uipath?


Check out the video to create sketch robot using UiPath in a simple way!!