Please i need help now i have excel sheet and i want to copy paste as value and also need menthion fixed value

i need support for copu paste excel as value and also i want to know how can menthion fixed value like (kuwait) in column (C &D) depend on the how many row in column A

kindly check my xaml and excel sheet

vlookup---- (1).xaml (11.3 KB)

please all i need help for this issue

thanks for your supports

Hi @Mohamed_Abbas,
You can do it in two ways.

  1. Use write cell activity to enter the formula like “= E2” in the C2 cell.

  2. Use read range activity to get the data to datatable. After that update the value then use write range activity to update the data.

Arivu :slight_smile:

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Dear @arivu96
thanks dear for your solution for the first issue

please do you have and idea about how i can menthion (Kuwait) as fixed name in Column (C&D) depand on how many row i have in column (A) like some time i have 9 cell some time i have 15 cell
please support for this
thanks dear

Dear Mohammed,

You can meet this requirement with 2 different ways.
I. Read the Excel file to a datatable
II.Inside a ‘for each row’ activity,assign row(“Column name”)= “Kuwait”
III. Write the excel file

Second method:
1.Read the excel file to a datatable
2. Assign a count variable, count= Datatable.Rows.Count+1
3.Inside a while loop, with condition count>1(If no header, count>0) and add a write cell activity with value “Kuwait” and range “C2:C”+count.ToString
4. Decrements the count value by 1

Warm regards,


Dear Nimin ,

thanks my dear for your help and solution


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