Copy cell value from excel 1 and paste the contents of excel to excel 2 , by adding another column in excel 2

I have two excel files “a”, & “b”.
I have data in excel “a” (column1) , that needs to be copied (data is not fixed) to excel “b” in a column(say column 2) [the data that is pasted must be accross all rows ].
Could i get some help regarding this ?

a.xlsx (9.4 KB) b.xlsx (9.4 KB)

HI @shikharno.7

Just to make the point clear, do you want to have the output like follows?

yes @Lahiru.Fernando

thanks :slight_smile:

could you please help with the xaml ?


Yeah I was working on it… That’s why the reply got delayed :rofl::rofl:

I thought of sharing a example is better than explaining on the logic would be better…

Let know whether this helps…
ExcelCopy.xaml (9.8 KB)


Working perfect . Thank You @Lahiru.Fernando
will incorporate this logic in my project :smiley:

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@shikharno.7 Great… Glad to know it works for you… If that solves your problem please also mark my answer as the solution too… :smiley:

Thank you
Happy automating!!

What can be the possible reason for this ? Is there no value at row0 ? i am trying it in my project


Looks like there is no row in your data table. That’s why its throwing that error.

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