How to paste column by column in excel

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I have used “for each” loop and stored 2 column(column 1,column 2) then i find duplicate values for 2 each column and to paste column by column in another sheet(sheet2), i could able to showed in message box but couldn’t able to paste column by column in excel . please can anyone help this.

Raja G

—first we can read the data from the excel with read range and get the variable of type datatable
—now from datatable we can remove the duplicate with REMOVE DUPLICATE RECORDS activity
—then can be passed to another excel with write range

Did this method help us on this
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@Palaniyappan, i used write range but i couldn’t able to paste column 1 and column 2, i have attached code below ,please check

RepeatCount_final2.xaml (12.5 KB)

I need to paste A1 and B1…etc in sheet 2

in WRITE RANGE mention like
where counter is a variable of type int32 with default value as 0
and next to that write range activity use a assign activity and increment the counter variable like this
counter = counter +1

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Thank you so much , working fine

Cheers @Raja.G

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