How to do if value more than 1, paste same amount of row according to the value

Hi, I have question,

This is screenshot example of my excel:


If the value that i hightlighted more than 1, any idea how to paste same row to new excel with same amount of number according to column highlighted

Example: Quantity=7, then add 7 times the same row

InputFile.xlsx (269.4 KB)

hi @mashy2

please check this secuence i made for you

Test.xaml (12.2 KB)

from your input i tested, please create a new excel file to the output and map it in the second read range and write range activities and try

hope it helps


Hi, i cannot open the activities, is there anything i can do?

its something about dependencies, check this one, i have updated it already

Test.xaml (11.8 KB)

hi, same error :sweat_smile:

show me your dependecies or package installed please

also check the workflow in images

where int_Value = Cint(Row(“Quantity”))


hi, Thank u so much!

Hi @mashy2

Go to → Manage Package → Install or Update the below package

Kindly install the package Uipath.System.Activities


my dependencies

let me know if its works and mark as solution please, for any problems let me know as well


please go to package manager and update all of them

Hi @mashy2

Please find the Xaml attached , as i have already shared you over the Uipath chat. (8.2 KB)


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