Please help! Execute Process Unattended Robot on VM

Hello Guys :slight_smile:
One question that really is bothering me…
I have the process ready how to execute it on a virtual machine i created…
Should I add a user with email on the Orchestrator, give an unattended licence and add the machine using the add machine function in orchestrator…or should I install something in the virtual machine related to the orchestrator ?
I would be very glad if you help me with this.


You need to install UiPath Assistant and after that

Check below documentation for connecting the Robot to orchestrator

Once done, Publish your process and later Schedule your process as per below documentation

Hope this may help you


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Thank You so much for your answer. it helps a lot. Still on the preferences tab on Assistant I dont see the machine key.
So the user which i will add on orchestrator will have to be logged in the assistant which will be installed on the VM ?
I dont know why the hell they keep the old format of Orchestrator on all tutorials and guides.
So Confusing

i want to try to login to assitant with another user on my same machine and then configure it to be a unattended robot…but when i log out from assistant it logs me out from the cloud platform of orchestrator…so Confusing