Please help. Cannot connect robot to Orchestrator

I have an on going issues where my licence is valid but our studio wont open because the robot is not connecting to our orchestrator.
The robots are hosted on an azure VM. The machine key and machine name match up and says ‘connect unlicensed’
I also notice trying to access orchestrator on that VM will not allow it to open. I get a ‘site cant be reached’ page with error message DNS_PROBE_FINISHED_NXDOMAIN

I assume the problem with connecting my robot to orchestrator and the fact I cannot get into orchestrator on the VM are related.
I was hoping someone else has experienced this problem and may know a fix? As I have tried most suggestions on the documentation.

Many thanks,


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Did you install certificate in Robot VM machine?


Hello Srinivas,
Thanks for the welcome and the help. Which certificate? The .pfx one?



Also check below for your reference

Hope this may help you


Hi, Sriniva
The certificate is installed. What I have found is that Orchestrator will work sometimes and then other times it will not.

Not sure what is causing that issue. Very confusing