Please find the attachment and let me know the result

How do i solve this?
My packages are up to date.

You are missing a package.

Install the Credential package from ‘Manage Packages’.

thanks for your reply.

I tried it, but still didnt work :frowning:

Close and reopen your xaml, or your studio if required.

still didnt work :frowning:

share your xaml if possible. Let me see

it says new users cant upload

Did you install it? and then restart your Uipath studio?

yes i did

can you put a screenshot of the getAppCredential wokflow?

now it is showing this error

it is showing this error after installing the credentials package

@karnik In your project folder delete json file and run

Generally due to the old version of files, delete JSON file and restart

See this:

i deleted json file, still the same error

have you updated all your packages?

yes i have.

can you share a screen of your installed packages?

I got it finally, thanks for help nadim. :slight_smile:

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