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Why am I suddenly getting these errors?

You are missing the uipath credential package. It has been moved to open source.

Download the codes here:

Then from UiPath Studio, go to Manage Packages and add the folder.

Then you should be able to find and add UiPath credentials package.

Actually check first that you don’t already have it before downloading.

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Go to project in the left side pane of studio and see the dependencies marked in red. Right click and select repair dependencies @ColinCrabtree

If you don’t find any, then install those particular dependencies

@ColinCrabtree that is because of you the packages which you are using is not the upgraded version.just open the projects panel and look for dependencies whether any package is need to be upgraded or not.
-and the second error you might don’t have the particular packages make sure you download the package.

Hi All

I had all the necessary packages with the latest versions. However I was trying to think what I had done to get so many strange warnings and errors suddenly appearing.

The one thing I did do was to reconstruct my folder structure to be like that of the Framework template as it was not so. This included moving the projects around to different folders.

Somehow UiPath did not like this. So I created a fresh new project from scratch using the framework template. This sorted my issues.

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