PiP - Virtual Desktop just opens Browser and does not continue activities


I’m currently working with Studio X and would like to run a process in PiP (Type = New Desktop).
The Bot just opens the Browser (Chrome) with the target URL. After that, a log-in within Type Into Activity should follow but it doesn’t start the Activity. So unfortunately the process is not continuing after opening the browser session.

Thanks for your help


I assume the process fails at some point, so might I ask what is the error that is being returned :slight_smile:

Also it would be most beneficial in the debug process if you could provide the StudioX version and and the packages versions



On the PIP did you see the UiPath Plugin on Chrome ?
Did you check on the Use Browser activitie that the defaut folder is used ?

Issue is solved since I had to install StudioX again. But thanks for you help.

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