Cannot Communicate With Browser While Running in PIP Mode

I recently came across this video by Jeppe on the Picture in Picture that I didn’t even knew existed, and I think it’s pretty awesome.

I developed a tiny automation just to try it out that involves the following steps:

  • Opening Chrome

  • Navigating to a given URL

  • And downloading a file

Pretty straightforward stuff.

This works without any issue when I run it normally, but when I toggle it to PIP, the program throws an error informing me that it is unable to communicate with the browser in the special environment that the PIP operates in.

I think the program is not able to communicate with the separate session that opens for PIP.

Not sure why this is happening.

I hope someone has a solution for this, Thanks in advance!

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Hi @ashwin.ashok,

try updating your studio to latest version!!

That you for your response @kantheshm,
My UiPath Studio is already up to date, yet the issue persists.

For the first run, when it opens PIP try to enable Ui extension in it. It is a one-time job. For the later run, it works seamlessly as expected. Please refer to the screenshot below…


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We are facing the same issues.
The Chrome Extension is enabled.
Both in the users main session and in the PiP-mode.

The Robot can use the Extension in the main session
The Robot can not use the Extension in the PiPsession

We have tried two different version of the UiPathStudio.msi:
20.10.7, 21.4.5

when trying the latest: 21.10.3
in again runs fine in the main session, but PiP crashed here, so I can’t tell if it would work in PiP mode

My bot works fine but when I run it in the PiP mode I received the same error.
I first opened Chrome in the PiP mode and enabled the UiPath extension. Not sure if this helped because I still got the error.
I went to the “Use Browser” activity (“Open Browser” if you use classic) and went to the “options-browser” (“options”) in the properties window and there is a “User data folder mode” I changed the drop down to “DefaultFolder” and then my bot worked in PiP mode.

I hope this helps!

Here is a link where UiPath has some additional information.
“User Data Folder Mode”

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Thanks…It’s worked for me

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