Problem with opening a browser when using PiP

Hey everyone,

i have a problem with opening a browser window in the Picture in Picture Mode in UIPath Studio.

The task is fairly easy, the robot should just start a browser. Unfortunately though, the robots gets stuck at the open browser activity although the browser window opened completely normal. I`m encountered with this problem only in PiP-Mode. I also used different browsers…same result.

I noticed that the browser icon on the windows-bar in the PiP flashed yellow after opening it.

Any suggestions what I could do?

Thank you for your help! :slight_smile:


Check whether any browser is opened in main screen not in PIP if yes close that and try again


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@FAB Is it showing any error after some time or is it stuck completely

Thats actually a pretty good idea, I didnt think about that, but unfortunately, there is no Chrome-Browser window open on main screen.

Thanks for the hint: After a while, I got the following error-message:


With the error message I was able to find a solution. If I go to the “Open Browser” activity and change the settings in “UserDataFolderMode” in the properties to “Default Folder” it works completely fine. I don`t no why but it works :slight_smile:

Cheers, Fabian

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