New users - why does browser close

Hi all,
I have just downloaded UiPath for the first time having watched a video declaring a Robot for everyone. I have to say, first impressions aren’t great. As a non technical person so I think the everyone statement is off the mark.

I was looking to see if I could get a robot to open some web pages and log in for me as a “morning” routine.
However when I open Studio X, create a project to open browser, browse to page, type in username/password etc. Click to sign in… Thats it…
It does that then closes the browser when its finished, defeats the purpose of the robot altogether!

So I tried a new one… Open browser… Go to search engine… Search BBC news… click… Then delay 60 seconds… Run.
After opening browser, it searches for bbc news and waits 60 seconds before closing the browser. Absolutely pointless. The task itself is still running as ironically I cannot find an action to END.

I wondered if there was a setting missing as a default install so I searched everyones favourite search engine which took me to YouTube and I watched a video for beginners. Wow… Do I need to set up some kind of orchestrator, machine codes, users etc? If so, why doesn’t the install do that??? If this is aimed at “everyone” surely the install is the same as everyone normally does… next…next…next… finish. You are good to go.

My question is, is that why a simple process flow… Open browse. Go somewhere, do nothing else… kills off the browser? I guess my real question is, how do you get the process to leave the browser running when it has finished its task? Frustrated as the video selling the idea make it look simple and really should make a difference to “everyone” but this reality doesnt match so far.

Hello @steveathome ,

An idea is to take a look at the use App/Browser activity , on the properties tab.
There you can set up when the browser will be closed.

I hope it helps.


Thanks Vasile, that certainly helps with keeping the browser open. I appreciate the swift response.

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