Picture in Picture Idea

Hey guys - been a while! For Picture in Picture sometimes you need the user to interact with the PiP window via a message box or an input box. It would be great if a ) the input box could be forced to the front but also b) if there were an option for relinquish control. What this would do is send control back to the PiP mode (i.e untick Take Control). This would then prevent further interference after the request for input.

Also - a property on PiP in general for which modes to start in would be great as sometimes you forget to turn off Take control / Always on Top modes.


Thanks for your suggestions @richarddenton, I’ll let @radutzp take it from here and consider it for the future :slight_smile:

Hello @richarddenton

You can configure activities to run in the main or child session by using the Target Session property from Studio, while developing the automation. You can find this under Invoke Process, Invoke Workflow File or Run Parallel Process activity properties (right panel). If you have an old version, you can find it under “Show advanced options”. For processes developed in StudioX, you must open them in Studio to change the value of this property. More information about this property here: Picture in Picture

Please tell us if this information helps! Thank you :rocket:

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