Picture in Picture - possible to interact with main session


I am interested in using Picture in Picture in a contact centre setting.

I envision the assistant running a process in the PiP window, but with an occasional need to prompt the human agent with a Form or Callout at specific decision points (including gathering some basic information at the start of the call).

Is it possible for the automation to “break out” of the PiP window to present a form/callout in the main session?
Or is there a framework anyone has used to achieve this behaviour with part of a process being run in PiP and part in the main session?

Thanks for sharing any experience you have on this.

Hi @Graham,

There might be a way to achieve this with two different processes both being attended robots. 1 process, runs only in PiP while the other runs outside the PiP (to callout a form).

I have myself not tried this feature on attended robots, but I see that your requirements may be an ideal use case for the Inter Process Communication feature in UiPath

  • I am uncertain if this would consume an attended license. May be this would require the PiP process to stop so that the form can be called out (using the same license).
  • that you have two attended licenses to run the two processes simultaneously.

Inter Process Communication

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Hi Jeevith,

That is an excellent suggestion.
I will investigate this, and also feed back here what my results are.

It will be a week or so before I can have checked this properly, but it sounds positive

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Just putting in an update here.

I can confirm that attempting to run a process in PiP and another not in PiP did require an extra attended robot license.
Both processes were foreground, which is not possible with a single attended robot.

Hi @Graham

If you want to run a specific flow in the Main Session you can do that by adding that flow in the Separate Workflow and there is a Property in Invoke Workflow called “Target” which you can mention as “Main” so that the Workflow always going execute in the Main Session Only, Regardless where your Parent workflow is running.

I hope it will help to your automation

Gopal Tewari