Not able to run in PiP

I would like to try and run my robot in PiP mode as a child session, however, I can not get it to work.
I have checked, that the computer has PiP installed, by sending the “PiP help” command in the terminal. I have also set the “PiP options” and “PiP Type” up as “Tested” and “New session”.
I have to admit, I do not understand how to enable the PiP mode. I have never used it before.
If you in anyway can help, I would be grateful!
And a step-by-step guide would really be appreciated!

Hi @freja.christensen

You can run in PIP mode from UiPath Assistant

Open UiPath Assistant

Click in one automation already published locally or to orchestrator then toggle Run in PIP and click in RUN


If you want to run in PiP from Studio when building the workflow or to debug, click in DEBUG tab and click in Picture in Picture in the Ribbon to activate and run the workflow


Here are detailed steps for running in pip