Picking Date from Web Calendar

Hello, I am trying to pick start and end dates from calendars below:


I used dynamic selectors. I first wrote code for picking start date and it was picking date correctly. Then I wrote code for picking end date and it was also picking date correctly. But when I combine these codes together, program picks start day and then it stucks. Does anyone has an idea about this problem?

Also, I don’t know why but for start and end date calendars, only difference between calendars are calendar button. Other buttons for day, month and year has same selector properties. Maybe problem is about that.

I can listen all the suggestions to pick a date from this calendar. I am trying to solve this for almost a day :frowning:


Can’t you type into that text fields?

You can try with Set Text activity instead of picking from the popup

Let us know the issue by using those activities

Hope this helps you



If the above proposed solution doesn’t work can post the screenshot of the selector information.

Thank you for your answer. This was the first thing that I try but unfortunately I can’t type into the date bar. I wish I could.

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Hey @AnnaDewitt,

Each date on the calendar should be having some identifier property if I’m not wrong.

It can be something like aaname/id & the value of the same is a date

Can you show selector please if you can, also share the URL if its public.

Thanks :slight_smile:

Thanks for your answer. This is selector of picking day:

This is selector of picking month:

This is selector of picking year:

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Thank you for your answer. I have shared ui explorers of selectors. Unfortunatelly website is company website and not public. If it helps, I can share source codes of page.

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Could you please also give the selector of the date text box and please make all the attributes visible to the right.

Thanks :slight_smile:

By the way, only difference between selection properties of month selection buttons is position:

How can I use it for selection?

This is for start date calendar:

This is for end date calendar:

The ones at above are selectors for calendar pop up.

This one is for date text box for start date:

And end date:

If you need any other info, please let me know, I can share it. I am exhausted to try everything I know :disappointed_relieved:

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Hey @AnnaDewitt, Have you did inspect element and found any additional dom/html properties. Use get attribute activity to get the information.

Have you tried by providing any delays in between them? I think web page might responding slowly.

And try to avoid using idx in selectors. Which causes inconsistencies in the selector. Add some additional properties to remove the usage of idx.

No Worries @AnnaDewitt, we will try our best to resolve it.

What is the issue or challenge you face when you try to type into the input for both start date and end date?

Thanks :slight_smile:


I don’t know inspect element feature, do we use OCR or somthing to inspect element?

I tried 3 seconds delay and it didn’t work.

I didn’t know about idx, I will change that.


Text boxes are not activated for writing. I can’t write them by hand and also robot can’t write too. When I use type into, nothing happens.

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I mean to say that inspect element in the browser itself, nothing to do with UiPath here to inspect. Press F12 you will get the developer options on the browser and examine the both(Start and End) uielements. If you find any additional properties differences other than elements captured in the selector. Use them.

I see, I will check it. Thanks for help.

Do you know that can I use position info in property explorer here:

Have you tried the same with and without simulate type and as well as trying with alter disabled.

Thanks :slight_smile:

Ideally you should’nt you them unless you are working with Image based automation(Citrix env.), I guess that attribute will vary according to screen resolution where inconsistancy arises.

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I tried it now and it doesn’t work :frowning:

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Okey thank you, I will try to change idx part with different properties as you said, maybe that works.