Dynamic Date selection


I want to select a date from the calendar on the Webpage, please find the screenshot in attachment.
The text box is not editable.
I will be getting the date from some other source so it can be dynamic.
I’m unable to create a dynamic selector if I select a date I’m not getting the proper selector.
Kindly suggest a solution to this

Thanks in advance



Try to use Anchor Base with From Date and then check.

hello @ani2692

try to type using Uipath with same date format definitely it works for you.

note that the format of the date should be same as it accept in the application.

give a try


1st click on the month tab(November 2019) which will be dynamic… and select the month and year… and the correct data… Pass the dynamic value to selector

Hello @sarathi125,

It is not typing anything into it.
It needs to navigate to date from the calendar only.

Hello @Ajju,

It is not typing anything into it, I tried using Set text and Type into both.
I’m passing variable to to type and it is in the same format as the web page.
It needs to navigate to date from the calendar only.

Hi @ani2692

Try using Set Text activity and check if it is working in your case.


Hello @Infant,

Text box is disabled so Set text is also not working.
Thank you for the suggestion.

Hello Everyone,

I got fix for this issue, I have used Click activity on the calendar/Date picker icon and used Inject JsScript
I’m passing the below query to InjectJsScript

Thank you everyone for the suggestions.

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