Assignment 2 Level3,Unable to Type into and Element Exist

In performer part I am unable to detect the popup box where No Report Found popup appers and unbale to type into save as box ReportFilePath.I am using chrome.
this is the my selector for element exist:

and these are the properties and selector for type into:


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Use the IE Browser. In Chrome Browser Popup not handle properly


Hi @kalpitmantri,

Use IE instead of chrome because in chrome when the error pops-up it is not in the dom it is in chrome application so UiPath won’t be able to understand anything which is not in the dom.


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@anmolk171, @sandeep13 Is It the only solution for this issue?

@kalpitmantri - Yes, it is.

@anmolk171 Can i make only CreateYearlyReport in IE?

@kalpitmantri - You can do it but it will involve two browser in the process and I am not sure that you will pass the assignment in this way or not so it’s better to use only one browser.


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Yes you can @kalpitmantri make sure IE Browser should be open with web site page you required


@anmolk171 @sandeep13 I am able to handle all the chrome pop up. I have completed my level 3.
Solution :
Used the try/catch block to catch SelectorNotFoundException (for Save Popup)
if there is any exception then
send hotkey to click on Chrome Popup
proceed with Save Popup.


Congrats @kalpitmantri

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