Perform a common activity for each item on a particular screen

I am creating automation where I have to transfer files from remote PCs to my local PC connected by the Teamviewer app. The process of file transfer is the same for all the connected PCs. I am able to create automation for a single PC.

After completing the file transfer from one PC, how can I make UI path select the next PC in line and do the same process? I will have to connect to 20 or 30 PCs and get files.

Please check the below picture to get an idea of how the PCs list will be looking on the

TeamViewer app

@Palaniyappan @AndersJensen @RAKESH_KUMAR_BEHERA Can you please check and let me know if you can help me with this? There is not much information related to Team Viewer Automation using UI Path

Hello @Pradyumna_TK,

I would attempt to extract the list from teamviewer and then place the activities into a loop using dynamic clicks. For Example;

Extract list of all PCs,
(Dynamic Click with name of PC in click)
(Regular activities of placing a file on the PC)
End Loop

I do not use teamviewer, but could recommond CV table Extract as a starting point.



@Cameron_McMahon1 Hie, Thanks for responding

As a tester, I have stored the names of 3 PCs in to an excel sheet and did the following
Inside a For Each Excel Row Loop,

  1. Read the name of each PC and store it in a variable called “name”.
  2. Then I tried to capture the screen of the TeamViewer using “CV Screen Scope”.
  3. Then tried to use “Click OCR Text” activity and specified the variable “name” in the text box.

But it doesnt seem to work…Its not able to click on the PC stored in the variable “name”.

Can you guide me if there is anything that i need to change in this

Hi @Pradyumna_TK,

Interesting. I would suggest potentially hard-coding the individual PCs and then running in debug mode to see if it works. If possible, could you post the selector you’re using? We want to avoid using any indexes etc inside them. I’d open UI explorer and see if they can be catered to and if not, would recommend using the Modern Experience clicks as they seem to be a lot more reliable than normal if configured correctly.

Also, I’m unfamiliar with automating team-viewer but is using Computer vision a must? Does it not work with normal clicks?



Yea, normal clicks do work if you wanna click on only a particular PC name…But here in my case, I am storing the PC names in a variable (string datatype) and I want UI Path to identify where that string is and then click on it…So I thought Computer Vision might help me…So I used “CV Screen Scope” activity to capture the screen and then tried to use “Click OCR Text” activity…I have mentioned the variable which has my PC name in the “CLick OCR Text” to search and click on it