Program a robot trough TeamViewer


Is this possible? I am trying to program a robot for an other PC trough TeamViewer. (So, UiPath studio is installed on my PC, not on the others.) But, UiPath only recognizes the TeamViewer window as one window, and doesn’t recognize the elements inside of that. Is the programming still anyway possible like this? Or do I have to install UiPath on the other PC too?

Please ask if you didn’t understand the question. Knowledge would be appreciated! Thanks!

You have two options available here because the scenario is for a Virtual Machine.

  1. To continue with the same infrastructure setup, you can perform Image Based Automation (Same as Citrix). Example: You have to use Click image instead of Click activity.
  2. You can install UiPath inside that virtual machine so that it will consider that machine as local environment.


Okay, thank you for a quick reply!